About Us


Premier Collections (Pty) Ltd is a new company in the Premier Clothing Group which is specialized in the sale and marketing of promotional, casual, and corporate clothing.

Premier Collections’ mission is to improve the productivity of workers and enhance brand loyalty through the supply of high-quality clothing to large teams. Value-added services offered by Premier Collections include uniform advisory and development and branding services.

The Premier Clothing Group has been involved in the manufacture, distribution, and retail of clothing and complementary products in Botswana since 1982. The Group is 100% Botswana citizen owned and employs over 400 people, 95% of whom are women. The Group focuses on producing and supplying products of superior quality.

Given the vertical integration of the Group and the lack of middlemen involved in getting goods to the consumer, Premier Collections is able to leverage off of the Group’s capabilities to offer customers high-quality, functional promotional, casual, and corporate wear solutions to its customers at highly competitive rates.

The Premier Collections team has extensive knowledge and expertise in the textile industry and has a sound understanding of the needs and requirements of its customers. Premier Collections aims to differentiate itself from its competitors by offering the best quality for the price offered, innovating on product offerings and making available international designs locally, and providing best-in-class service to foster customer loyalty. In addition, Premier Collections has invested in a significant inventory holding to allow it to respond quickly to customer requirements.